Marx Miniature Cap Guns
- Marx Miniature Cap Guns -
A Collector's Guide and Reference
Marx Miniature Cap Guns

History and Information  "Have you all of them?"
The Guns:
   (Late 1960s and 1970s)
Historic Guns Series
The Guns:
    (1950s and 1960s-USA)
Famous Firearms DeLuxe Edition Collector's Album
The Guns:
    (1950s and 1960s-Japan)
Line Mar Collector's Series Set
Store Displays
     and Promotions  
Line Mar Collector's Treasures Store Display
Variants and Unknown Guns
    Help me identify these guns!
Long Barreled Detective Special
Custom Marx Miniatures
    Hot rod miniatures!   
Custom Double Rig
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Compiled by Brad Maxfield  (Launched 9/23/99. Last revised 01/29/2002 )
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