The Guns (Late 1960s and 1970s-USA)
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Historic Guns series with cases - 1974
The 1950s Golden Guns dies were used for the last time in 1974 for the Historic gun series. Eight models were finished in black and gripped or stocked with brown plastic. The guns were sold shrink wrapped to a large card with a matching footlocker. There were no holsters or accesories with this series like those of the Golden Gun lockers .
World Wide Secret Agent 05 (WWSA) Series - 1965
The WWSA series included larger guns and spy toys but also included two miniatures. Marx used the 1950s dies for the .357 magnum and Luger models to make miniature attaché spy gun kits. The cases are black with a red plastic liner fitted for the guns and accessories. The case cover is clear.
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