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Founded in 1973, the Miniature Arms Society is a group of miniature arms enthusiasts who have joined together to promote and encourage interest in making and collecting scale miniature replicas of arms and armor of all kinds, with an emphasis on artistic beauty and craftsmanship. Our members make and collect miniature pistols, miniature rifles, scale cannons and miniature artillery, suits of armor, miniature knives and swords, etc. Members' interests also include non-scale toy miniature guns and miniature cap guns, 2mm pinfire and 2mm rimfire Berloque pistols.

The Miniature Arms Society and its members, offer many books that are outstanding references. The quarterly journal “Miniature Arms” has information for novice collector and master craftsman alike.

Whether you are a craftsman or collector, the Miniature Arms Society will bring you together with a network of like-minded people and experts in all fields of scale miniature weapon fabrication and collection. 

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